My Garden Makes Me Sad

2019: Tasmania has been on fire. More fires in NSW.  Nearly 60% of Queensland is drought declared. Except for Townsville. Townsville has been under water. Almost a year of rain in a week. Many many cattle have died in the mud. It feels apocalyptic.

January is supposed to be one of our wettest months.  Thunderstorms and tropical downpours. We had 1.5mm. And 20 drops. Some people say it was 10 drops but I maintain I counted 20.

February has been just a little better. It rained one time.

My garden is sad. I have lost a blueberry bush and young guava tree. I thought I had lost a mock orange but I managed to bring it back. My livelihood is not dependent on rainfall. I can pull back. I am not planting any vegetables or annuals. I am lucky I can water my fruit trees with river water.

My garden makes me sad. Firstly, gardening relaxes me. I don’t stress about other things when I garden and then have the satisfaction of a job well done. I don’t have that release at the moment.

Secondly, it is difficult to go outside and see plants struggling in the heat.

At yoga this week we practised finding ease within our bodies while simultaneously doing something difficult. You know, like standing on one leg and twisting like an uncoordinated contortionist.

At the moment, my garden causes me dis-ease. But despite the strain of water deprivation and stinking heat, there are plants at ease.

A begonia I got as cutting and repotted and moved thinks it is Christmas. It won’t stop growing. The geraniums just keep on keeping on. The birds and insects come and drink from the bathtubs.

When disaster hit our community in 2011 the Red Cross was there and stayed for a long time.  If you have things to give, try GIVIT. 

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