Ginger Queen

Ginger Queen – seriously, that is a great name for a fairy, or maybe a ginger haired pole dancer.  I will tuck that away for later. Meanwhile, I have grown some ginger. Here is the journey.

Spring : A couple of knobs of ginger in an old bee hive box with some potting mix and compost.  Lots of water and regular liquid fertilise with worm wee or fishy product and lush oh lush.

End of Summer: We learn that if we harvest NOW it will be perfect for pickled ginger. It was so pretty and pink and white and delicious. There is no of the fibrous stringiness.

Winter: The leaves have all died back and I have harvested the rest of the ginger. Now I really feel like the Ginger Queen. I will cut off a couple of the pokey out bits and put them back in the bee box with fresh compost and potting mix and start all over again.

What I learned

Growing ginger is easy

Next time I will pick more as I go and I don’t have to harvest it all at the end.  I can leave some for the next season. It is called bandicooting.

It is not the ginger root I am harvesting.  It is the rhizome.

Now I just have to decide how to preserve the rest of my harvest. Any suggestions?


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