My War Against Wildlife

I love wild life.  Honest. IMG_1576

I just don’t like it when it eats my garden.

It is quite devastating to see mangoes on the tree and think – they will be perfect tomorrow – and find the next day that something – possum, parrot or phantom has come in the night and taken a bite of each one. For some produce, the answer is to just pick it! If it looks good to you it will look good to some other feathered or furred fiend. I should have picked these oranges but I was too lazy.


Last summer, for the first time ever, the neighbourhood birds decided they liked my cherry tomatoes. Now they have a taste for them I have to keep them in cages.

The same happened to last year’s pumpkin and watermelon. These things take a bloody long time to grow – and they weren’t even close to ripe yet. Possums? Rats? I don’t know. I had to build a littlIMG_1578e cage for each pumpkin and watermelon AND stake it down with tent pegs or they tipped it over.

Who knew hibiscus leaves were edible? Wallabies? Hares? My poor little plants. I got them for mother’s day two years ago but they are still stunted because every time they get leaves some furry bastard comes and eats them. I am getting good at building cages. Tent pegs again.

It is hard to argue when the wildlife is so majestic.


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