My War Against Wildlife

I love wild life.  Honest.  I just don't like it when it eats my garden. It is quite devastating to see mangoes on the tree and think - they will be perfect tomorrow - and find the next day that something - possum, parrot or phantom has come in the night and taken a bite of … Continue reading My War Against Wildlife

In which zone? What to plant when

I am on a mission to pin down which climate zone I live in. The devil is in the detail (as always). The simple climate zone on most seed packets will say we are subtropical. Gardening Australia has a lovely interactive map which is fun to play with. Click on the region you live in and the … Continue reading In which zone? What to plant when

Reliable Lavender

I have never met a person called Lavender. I suddenly feel quite bereft. There is, of course, Lavender Brown with her particular interest in divination, a crush on Ron Weasley, and an untimely death at the claws of werewolf Fenrir Greyback. Lavender Brown was a bit ditzy. The lavender in my garden is a solid performer. Low … Continue reading Reliable Lavender