The Blueberry Experiment

img_1629A few weeks ago I visited my local Fernvale Markets and bought a blueberry bush. I didn’t know I could grow blueberries. I still don’t know if I can grow blueberries. I thought it would not be cold enough. My friendly nursery lady told me they do all right at her place. But we are frost free up here on the Pocket hill.

The variety I have is Sunshine Blue (the name is hopeful) and it only needs 150 hours of winter chill. What is that? 6.25 days. That might be doable. According to The Diggers Club climate maps I am in the zone so to speak.

I have been very thoughtful to my new blueberry bush. They like acidic friable soil so I went out and especially bought some Azalea potting mix and have put the pot in a sunny spot. We will wait and see. This time next year I might have blueberries.  Or local birds who have eaten my blueberries.

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