Gardening in Pajamas

I was up early this Sunday morning gardening in my pyjamas. Why? Because I can. Obviously, this is not pitch fork, turning over dirt gardening. It IMG_7452.JPGis more the type of gardening where you sip some coffee between dead heading a rose and plucking the odd weed.

Speaking of weeds, I have a pretty weed. You can’t just pluck a thistle. It requires gloves and something to dig with and while it was too hot to garden this one has sneaked up among the pumpkins. Pity, it is noxious and stingy. I will have to attack it this week. When I get some protective gear.

This Sunday we also visited Avid Reader in West End and saw this on the wall.




I spent too much money on books.  I purchased Angela Carter’s, The Bloody Chamber, Elizabeth Strout’s, My Name is Lucy Barton and something  I did not know existed. A sequel to HG Wells, War of the Worlds. Obviously not written by HG but in his style. Now the common cold has killed the invaders, humans have Martian technology. Then we popped next door to Where the Wild Things Are and the very astute book seller sold me a Fairy Tale compilation. More books for my Tsundoku



Gardening, books, old friends and food and wine. There is not much more one could ask for from any Sunday.

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