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Crazy Movie Challenge

I am setting myself a crazy movie challenge. The long list for the AACTA Awards was announced earlier in the month. I am going to watch them ALL before the Award night in December. I know right. Watching movies. What a chore.

Anyhow, it is the longest long list ever because AACTA has broadened the feature film eligibility.  I hope that means there is less chance of some gem slipping through the cracks of obscurity.

Australian cinema is challenged.

I love Australian movies but….

  1. The screaming noise of Marvel/Disney/Pixar/Hollywood/BigBucks easily drowns out most of the local product. I had only heard of 7 of the 35 on the longlist. (Probably more than most people?)
  2. This is because Margaret and David have left my television screen and I find it harder to keep up with what is being released. (Still mourning a little)
  3. Plus, if I want to see something the chances are it will be in the cinema for a week or on such a limited release it won’t show in my local town.

How can you see these movies?

  1. AACTA’s Australian Festival of Film will also be showing the films and documentaries in competition. This is in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.
  2. If you have Foxtel you rent Jasper Jones and Lion. I didn’t search for any others. They might be there.
  3. Join the Australian Film Insitute and watch them on AACTA TV

I am putting my money where my mouth is (I am a loud mouthed introvert but not very rich). I have joined the Australian Film Institute. With a 20% DISCOUNT! Look out for the sponsored post on your Facebook newsfeed for the discount.

I will post my progress and my thoughts on each film. This is the longlist. How many have you seen? How many have you heard of? Did you love/hate any of them?

Here is the longlist. How many have you seen? How many have you heard of? Did you love/hate any of them?



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