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Spring/Sprinter stories part 4

It is officially Spring. I feel good because I have done nearly all my spring jobs already. Most all my fruit trees are fertilised and the fruit fly traps are out. The biggest job, one I hate, I completed today. Mulching. Now I have itchy hay forearms.


The other exciting news this week is that I have planted a black muscat grape. I had a grape vine until in the Year of the Flood it got wet feet and rotted away. We all had wet feet that year. This time I am going to try and grow my grape in a pot.  I have a large wooden wine barrel which seems appropriate. I LOVE black muscat grapes. You hardly ever see them in the shops and when you do they no longer taste as good as they should. My grandmother had an enormous vine and made the best grape jam. I LOVE black muscat grapes.


Last of all, because it is spring: a gerbera




2 thoughts on “Spring/Sprinter stories part 4

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