Slow and steady: Bonsai and Books

IMG_8224My friend is tall but she grows bonsai. I have only killed bonsai.

So, I am beginning from scratch under her mentorship. I have jacarandas for inspiration. The jacarandas are coming up under the lemonade tree and I have dug up three and put them in a pot each.

Now, I wait. I keep them alive and wait for a year or two or more until their stem is like a trunk.

I suspect growing Bonsai will require the ultimate patience.  Now that I understand this, having killed a couple seems sinful. Like burning books.

Writing a book also requires patience, though I suspect more actual work initially.  For a year or two, you do the growing until the story as a strong trunk. Then you pull it all apart and edit and perfect. Much like I will be doing in a year or two when I pull the jacarandas up and trim their root and train their reach.

I am excited. The wait will be exquisite.


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