Wildlife taketh and the wildlife giveth

Last week I mentioned how excited I was to plant a grape again.  Saturday morning I was doing some unwriting (deleting 700 words from my WIP) and I heard a commotion outside. I thought it was the cockatoos who are a handsome menace.  I went outside to find this:

I want to love brush turkeys. I really do. Especially the abandoned flightless chicks who must fend for themselves from day one. But really, it took all of 5 minutes for this destruction to occur to my grape’s home. These creatures should be employed on building sites.

Fortunately, there was no lasting damage and after reinstating the soil and mulch I put a chicken on guard duty.


Meanwhile, a bird did a poo and now I have these.


I think they are Panama Gold. I don’t know why the passion fruit in the supermarket are those purple wrinkly things. These are far superior. Just look again!


Thank you wildlife birds with seed laden poo.  I love you.  Brush turkey, you go find another place to excavate.

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